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infant photography

It’s almost time for your infant photography session! In order to provide you with the best experience, here are a few things to note for your day-of experience. When you come to our studio, the space will be equipped to create the best experience for you. We treat you like our honored guest because that’s exactly who you are! Here’s what you can expect when you arrive:


It’ll be easier to capture the best photos of your baby while sleeping, so we recommend that you try to keep your baby awake before the session, with the hopes that thye will fall asleep at or during the shoot.

We recommend to try and time a feed for when you arrive at the studio. This will have them full & satisfied, and maybe even a little sleepy! 

We recommend bringing a blanket that is familiar to them, their food, and a toy.

No you do not. We will show you some of the images taken from the shoot and we will remove some of the photos that we do not want, but you do not have to choose your final photos at that very moment.

When you arrive, we will will change the baby into the desired clothes (if necessary) feed them and then put them to sleep. We will arrange the props as desired to create the scene for the session, then begin taking photos! We may pause from time to time to change the position of your child, or to change a prop.

You can change “looks” or outfits as many times as you want to within your 1 hour timeslot.

Yes! Your photographer will walk you through an edited photo. Images are edited with adjustments like cropping, white balance adjustment, straightening, color tones, exposure and sharpening. Your photography will edit 5 photos chosen by you!

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